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On the Presence Testimonials
Virtual and has a real impact on your life

Through this course, I truly got how understanding and accepting my own humanity makes it possible to be a greater contribution to others. I have a new view on what it means to show up and see possibility. Laurence and the Coaching team are incomparable. Their intention and commitment was so clear and created a rich learning environment that was powerful in-person and then carried forward in an amazing way to an equally engaging virtual classroom. I experienced first-hand how a group of people can create the connection and leadership they need for themselves so they can be stronger leaders for others. -- Many Thanks!! Melanie Hill

I am clear that my participation in On the Presence provided clarity to my habitual ways of being and that caused a shift so that I could create a new future for myself. I have met wonderful people through this workshop and have experienced great support from the team of coaches and Laurence Follows. I would highly recommend stepping into this work and making a commitment to yourself for the future you deeply desire.

-- Emily Stewart

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this course while the world as we knew it crumbled around us. This was a calm in the storm, even when the course moved to virtual. I still felt the strong energy from coaches and participants alike. Thank you Laurence and team! -- Kristen Desautels 

The course was really an opportunity to work through transformational change within the bosom of a community.  Being coached through real-world exercises took it out of the realm of something abstract and intellectual.  The course has given me a vocabulary with which to open up my most significant relationships.

-- Susan Watson


I came into this course not knowing what to expect.  I've taken away more than I could have imagined, it truly has opened up a new realm of endless possibility that anything is possible.  

During this unique time, it was incredible to be able to continue this journey and maintain connections with the workshop classes, coaching, and community.  I can't think you enough! -- Kerri Nielsen 

I've gained deeper more meaningful relationships with the people closest to me and myself. The work will change the way you live your life. The more you think it won't, the more it will change you. -- Ryne Cameron 


What made the online experience special for me was that it raised the stakes by challenging my commitment and willingness to not just show up physically, but to show up in heart and spirit. The online process raised the stakes and compelled me to connect to everyone on a deeper level, to engage with the material on a deeper level, and TO DO the homework FULLY. Thank you! -- Jaqlin Walters 

This work has been life altering. The way I was living my life before this course was not wrong BUT I never want to live like that again. I was never with the life and love around me, I was living in a virtual world trying to protect my self from hardships, and that caused me more pain than it solved. I never want to do that again. I want to dance with the world and I can see that there's a place for me to do that now and there always has been. I would encourage everyone to continue this work or start it. Step in and see what the world can be for you and what you can be for the world. We all flourish together. "What are you unwilling to feel" and "whats worth being used by" I want to fully engage with life because of this work. Its completely awe inspiring. There are not enough words to describe it. --Clarice Doyle

I found On the Presence allowed me to experience the world in a new way, helped me to understand who I was showing up in the world as and why. But importantly it gave me the tools to be with myself and accept my own humanity. AND the humanity of others. I became stronger for it, more aware and more present. 
I began to find the real me under the decades of layers I had put on. What I loved is how experiential it was, how well- supported we were by all the coaches and what a great community I am now surrounded by. 
While we had to move to zoom calls I found that people still showed up and were vulnerable, I continued to learn and grow from the sessions just as much. Everyone was committed to continuing the great experience electronically and it worked! Thank you so much.  --
Sandy Halloran


Dear Laurence 

I must say, I do miss the energy of being in physical presence with our group, but with the new temporary normal, the virtual classes have been very productive in my growth. The virtual coachs' sessions were very well received and still felt the confidentiality and intimacy of those. 

Thanks to all of you for showing us how to push our limits, to call us out and challenge us to be the people we can truly be. Looking forward to moving forward. --Scott Yates

On the presence Workshop level 1 helped me with my well being. I am less anxious and can live fully. It has also helped me tremendously in my relationships. I foresee a better future for my self and the people who will be part of my life. Thanks a lot Laurence and his great team for remarkable work and helping me gain confidence in myself. --Omer Zamir

Are you ready to risk everything to find what you fully deserve? Then dive in.  You will experience a community of care and self-discovery.  Part of you will hate it, and your courageous, curious and connected center will love it. -- Steve Dyck, President

Some thoughts about On the Presence: The Zoom edition ;-) 

What made the online experience special was that it raised the stakes by challenging my commitment. Success is predicated on showing up. It is one thing to show up in person because when you're in person, there aren't opportunities for distraction. When you are online, however, opportunities abound and it is easier to not show up, let alone verbally engage with the material. At first glance, it is reasonable to conclude that Level 1 done online will not be as effective as it could be if done in person. My experience reveals something different.  What I found most incredible about going on-line was how compelled I was to connect to everyone on a deeper level, to engage with the material on a deeper level, and TO DO the homework FULLY. -- Cheers, Jaqlin 


When I started these courses I felt like a supporting character in someone else’s story. Now I am the lead creating my own story. I am excited for the future instead of just surviving it. Even online this work has impact as the course provides you the framework and the transformation is all you - in whatever environment you are in.   I am living fully alive and thriving and oh so thankful that I had the courage to believe I deserved more out of my life. -- Claire Alexander

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