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"I am 19 years old and already I feel complete. I feel immense strength and courage as I begin my life as an adult. Where I once saw problems, I now see perfection. Where I once saw fear, I now see humanity. Where I once saw hate, I now see love."

- Thomas, Student

"This workshop has led to the creation of some extraordinary shifts and possibilities in my life... Laurence opened a door for me to see and know myself and make space for me to stand powerfully in the world."

- Christina, Artist/Educator

"This workshop has given me a different view of myself, my relationships, and my work - one that is full of hope, authenticity, freedom and love. This could not have been achieved through a book or a video -- only in person, and through the community that we created."

- Tom, Business Manager

"This workshop changed my perspective on how I approach my life and has sent me on the trajectory I was meant to live."

- Scott, Photographer

"Laurence has not only allowed me to see how I show up in the world but shown me that I am a force in the world. My relationship is no longer on a path to destruction. We both see the possibilities that we can live into."

- Gord, Technology Consultant

"Nothing short of a life-changing catalyst. Laurence's series of courses allowed me to see myself as I really am. From there the possibility of openings of life and those around me is limitless."

- Souhaila, Equestrian/ Landscape Architect

"The most beautiful thing about this workshop is the intense realization that I'm not broken. Even more beautiful is that I have become so present to my ability to notice how I'm showing up in the world, in my communications and in my relationships. With presence came choice for me."

- Lauren, Hairstylist/Trades Educator

"This course has been one of the best gifts I've ever given myself - and my future."

-- Kate, Children's Art Instructor

"It is life changing. I tell anyone who is stuck in their life, this will change your life, not by changing who you are, but embracing it. The clarity and freedom I felt is still so powerful. What really makes a difference is sharing, expressing and being present with a group of people looking to also make changes."

-Alisha Matte, Technician

"An incredible course! So simple really - but the beauty of it, what sets it apart from any other course I've taken - or even experience I've had - is that Laurence orchestrates an authentic experience that is entirely brought to life by the group. The essence of this course is the sharing that happens with the group, the gentle opening up of self in a trusting and safe environment so that each individual in the group was able to become their most powerful self. Laurence is the brilliant conductor for this empowering experience."

- Karen Nasmith, President Skican

"If there is something missing in your life, but you cannot pinpoint exactly what it is, consider this course. Consider it was within you all along, hidden away, waiting to be unleashed, and this course provides the space for it to be found."

-Nick Fegan, Student

"This experience has been my biggest life transformation. I am moved and am now standing in my power, stepping into how I want to show up in the world. Thank you with the deepest gratitude Laurence."

- Kat Nantz, Workshop Facilitator

"I am left feeling empowered and connected. Two things I didn't ever realize I could feel, or know I was missing: Amazing & Powerful."

- E.M., Artist/ Film-maker

The course has really opened up a lot of space and possibility for me, where before, there was fear and closed frustration. 

-Ella Henderson, Project Coordinator

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