Level One: Self-Expression

This workshop is designed to leave you empowered, effective, and “in action” in your life! Through structured exploration, you will go beyond your comfort zone,  break through your own personal challenges, and open up new worlds of possibilities. Through fun exercises and provocative conversation, you will uncover what stands in your way of being truly present,
and open a new realm of self-expression.

Unleash your natural enthusiasm and confidence.  Access new levels of self-expression, creativity, and productivity. Identify and go beyond your limiting belief patterns. Discover and develop skills and techniques that will allow you to be authentic and powerful in every area of your life. 


How would being more grounded in the present empower you?  What if you had the freedom to play fully in life, without the constraints of the past that seem to keep you stuck in one role? What if you could step beyond your fundamental character traits that seem permanent and unchangeable? If your life was a play, and you could invent a new character for the lead role,
who would you really want to be?

Level One Courses