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Laurence Follows

Laurence Follows is an accomplished transformation coach and communications program leader. Areas of expertise include conducting workshops and leading personal training and development courses for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, including entrepreneurs, professionals, actors and students. He is known for causing outstanding breakthrough results. His work provides access to new levels of self-expression and creativity, unleashing an individual's natural enthusiasm and confidence. 

MY PURPOSE: "A world of full self-expression, each and every person coming into life, playing fully, and giving it all they got. LIVE YOUR PLAY!"


Laurence is also a teacher at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. He began his career as an actor, working in professional theatre, film and TV. Coming from a family of highly accomplished actors, and being passionate about acting, he pursued studies at the Juilliard School, Drama Division in New York under the direction of Michael Langham. Upon graduation, he joined the Juilliard Professional Company, and embarked on a career as a director, actor and producer. Laurence established one of the most successful commercial theatre companies in Canada, Follows-Latimer Productions, which was responsible for opening the CAA Theatre (formerly The Panasonic Theatre).

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